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One Extraordinary Date

Last night I had my most enjoyable date as an escort thus far. We met in the late afternoon at a bar called LEO. I was struck by how beautifully decorated it was. The bar was gorgeous and modern, the walls were brick and there were patches of live moss on the walls. I loved the uniqueness of it.

For the purpose of this narrative, I will call my date by the name of Ralph. The moment I met Ralph I immediately knew he was different and we would have a very special time together. There was a spark in his eye, and when we introduced ourselves I immediately felt at ease in his company. He was handsome, smart, and easy going. We had a few romantic drinks together, looking each other in the eyes, and telling each other about our interests. I don't like to hide everything from my clients. I prefer that they get to know who I am and the way I think about things, because for me being genuine makes escorting so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I often find that providing people with warmth, kindness, and openness will encourage them to do the same.

From there we had a most unusual, adventurous date together. We randomly came across an aquarium which we ran through giggling the whole time, fascinated by all the weird looking fish. After that, we went to a symphony performance. The music so beautiful--I really enjoyed myself there.

As you might expect, the next stop was his hotel room. It was a beautiful and luxurious room with a large jacuzzi in the bathroom. I asked him to take a bath with me, so we ended up taking a long bubble bath, drinking wine and kissing each other slowly and sensually. It was such a lovely, relaxing time... At this point I was very turned on by him. I wanted him badly, so I got out of the bath and we had passionate sex while still soaking wet. It was very sexy.

For some reason we kept on talking well into the night. I think he was lonely. He had so much he wanted to tell me about, but I didn't mind. I enjoyed pleasing him and making him feel like he wasn't alone.

The next morning as I was on my way back home, I realized what a beautiful thing it is, to enjoy someone's company and yet have no pressure at all to see them again. It was fleeting, but it was a night neither of us will forget. This is my ideal date... Having a real adventure with romance and intimacy, where I can satisfy my date intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Our ladies are not only carefully chosen for their beauty and elegance, they are all excellent conversationalists that are intelligent, cultured and interesting to be with. Many Hungarian girls are bought up to use their sexuality as a part of their social skills.