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Budapest Nightlife

Whether you like atmospheric bars, outdoor music lounges or dance nightclubs, Budapest's exciting nightlife always has something in store for you! Although Budapest is safer for tourists than most big cities, there are some common tourist traps, and inconveniences that you have to know about.

Váci utca -the main pedestrian street of Budapest is full of girls hunting foreigners. They pretend to be foreigners, and after approaching the unsuspecting tourists who are just looking around, they go with them into a bar or restaurant chosen by them where bill will soon reach the amount of 500-2000 Euro

If you wish to visit a night-club or a restaurant, the biggest mistake you can make is to use the services of a taxi hired by a hotel. Be aware of taxi mafia, do not let you be influnced by taxi drivers and insist on the only club you have chosen or you will get ripped off or even literally been robbed.

Here are few nightclub suggestions that offer reliable, stable services:

P1 Gentlemen's Club

Escort DiaryP1 shares its owners and entire staff with P2, even though its location and style are entirely different. With great atmosphere, beautiful girls and friendly staff P1 is an internationally recognised club. and it is ranked in the "You must see it" category.

Table reservations are recommended, especially at the weekends. For 25 Euro unlimited drink consumption for 90 minutes time limit Free car services (available in one direction) and free entry.

About 15-20 girls work at the same time each night. Besides lots of beautiful hostesses, P1 night club also offers discreet entertainment of high quality at reasonable prices. Address is Podmaniczky Frigyes 2/b ut. (V district)

Club P2

Escort DiaryP2 shares its owners and entire staff with P1, even though its location and style are entirely different. The biggest difference compared to P1 was that here, since the place is smaller, everyone was sitting a little closer to each other which creates a completely different atmosphere.

For 25 Euro you will get unlimited drink consumption for 120 minutes and car services available in one direction. In the Lounge Restaurant on the first floor, guests can also have dinner until midnight.

If you prefer eating in the company of a lady they will provide you entertaining, female company for your dinner! For the guests of the Lounge Restaurant, entry to the club is free.The number of girls varies between 20 - 25 each day. Address is Sas ut. 9 (V district)

Hallo Striptease Bar

Escort DiaryThere is no entrance fee and a lot of girls. The rooms are large, spacious, and nice. It has approximately 20 tables for 4 – 6 persons each and is nicely decoarated in red and other sensual colors. The stage is in the middle of the club and visible from all tables.

Hallo Bar is located in Király utca near the corner to Terez korút which is a very good location for clubs, bars, hotels and it is reachable very fast by public transport.

You can download and print free drink voucher, from their website. Hallo Bár is one of the few places in Budapest that offer reliable, stable services. Address is Király 65 ut. (VII district)


Marilyn Night Club

Escort DiaryLarge, spacious rooms 300 m2 total, four dance stagesworking from 9 pm to 4 am. A lot of girls work simultaneously. Alcoholic drinks are cheap. There are programmes every night.

No entrance fee, no exit fee or anything else why the security should stop you when leaving the club. Marilyn Night Club is a bit like a typical American bar, in the middle of the sofas you find the tables where the girls dance for you.

The prices for a private dance are around 10.000 HUF which lasts around 2 songs, or 7 – 15 minutes.

Up to 30 dancers, the majority of the girls are not good enough. Address isBaross street 4. (VIII district at Kálvin tér)



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