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Webcam Escort

Escort DiaryHigh Class Escort Diary - After a few months into escorting I started looking into other ways I could expand in the sex industry that posed less of a personal risk to me. The main other option is performing on webcam, which is more popular with students than escorting itself, I decided to have a look into it.

When I first signed up to webcamming, I was really nervous. Your clients could be based anywhere in the world, and all I kept thinking was, ‘what if I get someone who knows me?’ or even worse… a family member! At least with my escort clients, if they weren’t a student, i knew I wouldn’t know them. With no family or older friends nearby I was pretty much safe when it came to meeting someone I knew… or knew me!

What I loved the most about webcamming is that I could work comfortably from my own bed, and between bookings I could work on essays and do reading, it really didn’t take me away from my studying like escorting did, where I would have to put aside big chunks of time away from my essays etc. It also meant I didn’t have to make excuses as to why I was leaving the house

I generally lay on my front in front of the laptop so all that’s really on show is my face, so obviously you get people asking me to kneel up and show them what I look like all around. Which I don’t mind doing, but with people constantly in and out of your free room, you end up on your knees a lot and when you’re only covering certain parts of your body with your hands, you get people claiming they’ve missed it, can you show them again, all because what they see is enough and they’re trying to use it as free show! And you have people trying to get freebies on the promise of going private, to anyone who’s thinking of going into webcamming, this is one question you will get allot and you should never listen, because it’s a false promise.

You get asked to flash your tits, bottom, even feet. I know feet isn’t exactly a body part that is taboo but with a lot of people out there with feet fetish’s, it does become a sought after body part, and it can sound petty refusing to show your feet, but when someone’s trying to promise they’ll go private it’s a little insulting, because as soon as you show your tits/feet/bottom etc, they will leave. It does get so tiring hearing these promises, so like me, performers end up having absolutely no patience for it!