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Clients - Escort relationship

Escort DiaryHigh Class Escort Diary - Many clients I meet are just starving for basic interaction with another human being, including being listened to, touched, and held. But some of them have unhappy marriage or even unhappy long term relationship.

For all wives out there, if your husband is no longer getting regular intercourse from you, then he is perhaps getting it from escort like me or worse he is having an affair with a woman with whom he is emotionally involved. Some of my clients would say “My wife no longer gives me oral sex”. I may not be the best person to give advice to wives out there but if you do not want your husband to have an affair then you have to give your husband a regular oral pleasure to your male partner, even if it's not your favorite activity.

I often hear all about the wife, both positive and negative, but of course, she never hears about me. There is actually a great deal of trust invested in me as a stranger, I feel honored that some of my clients entrust me with such private details of their personal lives.

As for me, surprisingly, I do get many of my needs for physical and emotional intimacy met through the job. But I do not want any involvement to any of my clients, it would just be purely client/provider kind of relationship. I do not want to cause any trouble to him and his partner.