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Escort DiaryHigh Class Escort Diary - Sexual hygiene is a subject that is not often discussed openly, if at all. Sadly, this is bad because it’s just as important as regular hygiene, especially when it comes to preventing infections.

I could never understand why some men can't be bothered with basic hygiene when coming in for service. Some clients come in smelling quite badly. I always put them in the shower first, despite the fact that many of them claim to "just had a shower"

I don't believe many men use deodorant or even think it's necessary. Often times they wrongly think spritzing a lot of cologne instead is a viable option.

A lot of clients ask for their balls to be licked. Depending on the client and my mood, I sometimes say "No,not really" and suggest that next time they shave/wax them before coming to see me. Not only, it is ghastly to have a bush down there, but it is also an invitation to various problems. Since privates are not exposed to fresh air, it becomes literally a boiling pot of all infections as heat and sweat makes the area a perfect breeding area for bacteria. Trimmed pubic hair not only gives a clean appearance, but also reduces itching and bad odor.

And how about unkempt nails with ragged edges. Escort vulva is her prised possession. It is soft and delicate and sensitive. If you gonna stick your fingers there, make sure you at least clip your nails. Do what you can to keep your nails clean and trim and wash hands before and after sex to prevent transfer of germs and bacteria to your genital.

Bad breath is another common offender. Most of the clients want GFE (girlfriend experience) which involves French kissing. Suffice to say, bad breath can put the brakes on romance fast.