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My first bad experience

Escort DiaryHigh Class Escort Diary - Recently I had my first bad experience with a client I trusted…. one who admired me, whom I felt worshiped me. But a escort must never be naive and too trusting.

A few weeks ago, I was in a situation where I felt extremely uncomfortable, and I had lost control of the situation. I was with a regular client of mine, who previously was tolerable and pleasant. However, this time, he was extremely drunk. I had only brought two condoms, which he pulled off. Without condoms, I told him politely that we can’t have sex, but he insisted we have sex.

He sensed my fear, and he must have sensed that I was ready to leave the hotel. He had traveled far from out of the England to see me in Budapest specifically, so I understand why he felt upset that I was leaving. However, his actions were not acceptable. The alcohol had totally changed his behavior, and he was no longer the funny client I had once known. When I got up to leave the bed, he grabbed me aggressively. Let’s just say, he couldn’t convince me to screw him willingly, so he screwed me anyway.

I didn’t cry after, I teared up during, but I didn’t cry. But I did feel disgusting and dirty. I blamed myself a lot, I still think if i had just walked away when I was see him how drunk he really was then I wouldn’t have felt so horrible. I went and had a full panel of STD tests a week after this happened and tested clear for everything. Three and a half months later I went back for a HIV test and tested negative again. I'm grateful for my good fortune and grateful I walked out that day with my health intact.