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A very ambitious girl

Escort DiaryHigh Class Escort Diary - I am an unusual escort, because I am very picky with who to accept as a client and make sure to stay safe and to only meet men who express a most gentleman-like character. I don't like feeling like my sole purpose in the transaction is physical. Of course it is the name of the game to please my clients sexually, but I find that many clients appreciate dates that are more meaningful. Let me explain...

The pleasure from sex is significant, but it is fleeting. What lasts and what clients often appreciate is the opportunity for them to be fully who they are, without the fear of scaring someone away or not impressing them. Why would they not have such a fear with me? Because there are no strings attached, they may never see me again. They don't have to pretend to be someone else in order to conquer a woman and get her in bed. I have already agreed to give them that, so the act is unnecessary. They are free to discuss their true thoughts, feelings, and perspective. I found that it is very liberating for a man to be himself with a woman in this way. For some reason people tend to feel very comfortable around me; I often hear confessions and admissions. I think it is because I am very open and honest. I can't help but be myself. It is the kind of man who is curious to explore this aspect that I am most interested in offering my services to. Thus, my preference for long dates.

I try to avoid the negatives of sex work. I ado not let the opinions of society at large taint my own perspective. The way I see it is I get more than money out of it, I get to know someone, explore my sexuality, and learn about how other people arrived at their success.

I am a very ambitious woman. I try to not let materialism motivate me too much. I am interested in building something, becoming someone who gives the world something valuable. Many of my dreams require money in order to achieve them. Soon I will capitalize my savings and someday, this whole era of my life will be my little secret.